A brief history of Vranje

On the left bank of the South Morava, in the northwestern part of the Vranje Valley, stands the city of Vranje, recognizable by its trumpet orchestras and the cheerful melody of the trumpet. Today's administrative and cultural center of the Pčinja district it was conquered by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. and in the 6th century BC, the Slavs began to settle on the territory of today's Vranje. According to the notes of the Byzantine princess from the 11th century, Ana Komnina, Vranje was under the rule of Alexius Komnin, so that in the 12th century the city became part of the medieval Serbian state. After the disintegration of the medieval Serbian state, Vranje fell under Turkish rule, which ruled over the city until 1878, when it was liberated and declared the center of the Moravian district. During the 20th century, Vranje was inhabited mainly by craftsmen, but during the 60s of the last century, with the development of industrialization, crafts disappeared and their place was taken by factories.

Distance Vranje from Belgrade (347km), from Skopje (91km), from Thessaloniki (354km)


About the hotel

Opened in 2020, Hotel Royal Putnik is located in a fantastic location near the highway and very close to the city center.
Designed as a hotel with luxurious accommodation, it will provide every guest with maximum comfort and convenience necessary for a quality vacation . Numerous facilities available at the Royal Putnik Hotel speak in favor of this. In addition to modern and luxuriously equipped rooms and suites, the hotel has a bar and restaurant, SPA & WELLNESS center, gym and halls for celebrations and conferences.
The hotel has a parking lot and WI FI zone which are completely free for all guests.

Hotel Royal Putnik is categorized as a 4 * star hotel and has an accommodation capacity of 45 rooms and 95 beds.
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